New Business Opportunities

  • Canon Data Mine was created for sales and marketing professionals targeting specific industries,
    key companies, and locations they know are ideal prospects.
  • 888,393 contact records in the U.S. alone — 674,756 verified within the last year.
  • A majority of contact records also show behavior — events attended or media accessed… both are qualifiers to recent buying or specifying activity.
  • The Data Mine features two modules: the "Opportunity Search" where you can mine our data to build your next best business opportunity, or "Contact Verification" of your own records.

Canon Data Mine is only available to enhanced Qmed suppliers.

Opportunity Search
Finding the right person at the right company

The "Opportunity Search" was designed as a tool for sales and marketing professionals seeking the right title or decision maker at a specific company. The system can also be used to identify target contacts and companies by any combination of industry, geographical area and job title.
A couple of ways to use the system:

  • You are a regional sales person trying to find a contact at a certain company that has been identified as a target. You search by company, or by company and state to find your exact target.
  • You want to identify new targets for your business, so you search by industry (sector) in a certain geographical region—medical companies in New York, for instance.

Data Mine will quickly show you the titles we have at a certain company, along with the last time our data was verified, plus the contact record's event attendance and media consumption—indicators that support a recent buying or specifying function.

Simple rules to follow:

  • Choose the most up to contact record from the filter results—ideally one that has been
    updated within the last year.
  • Look for records that also indicate recent proactive behavior (attended a show,
    subscribes to an e-newsletter or magazine).
  • Once you download the record, you own it, so take your time, mine good data, and then use it to
    drive sales!


Contact Verification
Update records and learn more about your prospects

As a subscriber to the Data Mine you can verify up to 50 records each month as part of your subscription. This module was designed for sales and marketing professionals to update address, title, phone number, and e-mail information on important prospect records.
Here’s how it works—you’ll need:

  • Your contacts name (the last name must be spelled correctly)
  • Company name
  • State (City is optional)

If your contact is in our data mine, then you will be able to view the last verification date, event and media consumption details, and download all contact details to update your files!

Data Mine Inventory
Inventory Data as of April 28th, 2017

Records worldwide: 1,243,689
Records US only: 888,393
e-mails: 1,176,581
Medical records worldwide: 471,257
Medical Records US only: 315,501
Medical e-mails: 454,102
Total 1 year or under worldwide: 49,380
6 months to 1 year US only: 21,207
3 to 6 months: 64,557
0 to 3 months: 17,242
1 – 2 years: 115,108
2 years plus: 669,450
Aging Medical: US only
Total 1 year or under: 55,744
6 months to 1 year: 11,707
3 to 6 months: 34,469
0 to 3 months: 8,766
1 – 2 years: 53,018
2 years plus: 206,739